SassyLists 2.2.4

SassyLists is a toolbox providing you all the functions you need to manipulate your Sass lists.

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What's the point?

Sass lists is a very powerful features. Think of a world where JavaScript wouldn't have any array! Unfortunately, Sass doesn't provide much built-in tools to deal with lists, especially complicated ones.

Here comes SassyLists with about twenty functions to make it simple as a pie to deal with your Sass lists. Try it!

How does it work?

SassyLists is pure Sass. No magic Ruby behind it or anything. All functions are built with Sass. Thus, some functions can be a little slow depending on what you're doing with it.

In any case, feel free to have a sneak peek at the code and improve it!

How to use it?

  • gem install SassyLists